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Number of Participants: 110 Haemophilia awareness and training programme for doctors was conducted on 11th August 2015 at Employees State Insurance Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences & Research (ESI) Hospital, Basaidarapur, New Delhi. ESI Hospital is a major tertiary hospital chain under the Central Government of India and provides medical facilitates to various grades of Government employees. The haemophilia beneficiaries of ESI, are also entitled for prophylactic therapy, a facility which is currently available to a very small population of the total national work industry. The session was conducted on repeated request by Dr. R. K. Duggal, Head of Department, Medicine, ESI Hospital to conduct a Haemophilia Update specializing in prophylactic care. The HDCC team was received by the organizing committee at ESI Basaidarapur. All participants including the senior faculties, senior and junior residents were registered. The first session was delivered by Dr. Rahul Kumar Meena, Medical Officer, Haemophilia Centre. The speech was focused particularly on Haemophilia and its clinical overview. A brief knowledge upon haemophilia, its demographic data and prevalence rate, inheritance medium, pathophysiology, clinical severity, clinical manifestations (i.e. musculoskeletal bleeds, hemophilic arthropathy, hemorrhages and intra-cranial bleeds), disease burden, laboratory features, carrier detection and genetic counseling along with prenatal diagnosis. The second session was delivered by Dr. A.K. Mittal, Nodal Officer for Haemophilia, Haemophilia Centre on Haemophilia and its treatment. The speech covered broad topics under haemophilia treatment, comprehensive care, PRICE therapy, medical care through do’s and don’ts, factor replacement therapy, dosage calculation, recombinant factor concentrates, desmopressin, tranexamic acid, medical dental problems, orthopedic-trauma, fractures, corrective surgeries, appendicitis, hematuria and dealing with psychiatry and social issues. The last session on prophylaxis was delivered by Dr. Naresh Gupta, HOD Haemophilia Centre & Dept. of Medicine, MAMC and LN Hospital. The session covered the various aspects of prophylactic treatment which is especially crucial for our country to plan health strategies. Topics include long term prophylaxis to prevent joint bleeds & damage (primary- Regular treatment started before the age of 2 years) and secondary (regular treatment started > 2 years because of frequent bleeds – intermittent or long-term), Malmo prophylaxis protocol, association of mean FVIII infusion with joints bleeds/ year, total bleeds and MRI joint damage. Frequently asked question such as should primary prophylaxis stop or continue once adulthood is reached?, significance of secondary prophylaxis work in adults with established joint damage and the financial implications of using prophylaxis in adults. He also predicted the role of upcoming treatment which are focused on the role of prophylaxis in adult patients, move towards patient-specific treatment regimens and development of long-acting recombinant clotting factors. Finally the programme was concluded after answering the doubt and question of the participants. We received strong support for such training and awareness programmes and also request to conduct such activities in future.

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