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The HATS Level III Awareness programme conducted by Haemophilia Day Care Centre (HDCC) on 18th July 2013, was introduced with a welcome speech delivered by the Head moderator, Dr. Naresh Gupta, Director Professor, Dept. of Medicine, MAMC. The audience consisted of undergraduate MBBS students. Thirty invitations were sent out for the HATS programme, but it was wondering to discover the fact that a lot more interested students attended the programme. Pre-assessment sheets were handed to individual participants along with ten questions projected on the screen. Upon completion, the sheets were collected and soon after, the event commenced.

Dr. Naresh Gupta, welcomed the audience and introduced to the large objectives of the programme and the programme for the following day. Dr. Sandeep Garg, Associate Professor, Dept. of Medicine, MAMC educated the audience on Haemophilia and its clinical overview. A brief knowledge upon haemophilia, its demographic data and prevalence rate, inheritance medium, pathophysiology, clinical severity, clinical manifestations, musculoskeletal bleeds, hemophilic arthropathy, hemorrhages and intra-cranial bleeds), disease burden, laboratory features, carrier detection and genetic counseling along with prenatal diagnosis was delivered.

Dr. Naresh Gupta, Director-Professor, Dept. of Medicine, MAMC spoke on the undergoing lab diagnostic tests at HDCC. The session included knowledge impartment and decision making in diagnosing haemophilia from other hematological disorders. Test such as APTT (Activated Partial Prothrombin Time), PT (Prothrombin Time), Factor VIII & IX Assay, Fibrinogen, D-dimer and Inhibitor assay were discussed in detail.

Dr. A.K. Mittal delivered a lecture session on Haemophilia and its practical aspects. The lecture discussed about the comprehensive care system in haemophilia treatment. Bleeding related issues such as prevention of bleed, immediate treatment of acute bleed, PRICE therapy, factor replacement therapy,   physiotherapy, counseling, consultation with specialists and treatment complications. The training topics also covered key issues prior to haemophilia treatment as such detection of specific factor deficiency, nature of hemorrhage, presence of possible titers of inhibitors, contraindicated drugs and consultation with hematologist and orthopedics.

A post assessment test was conducted after the training session to evaluate the progress of the programme through the same questionnaire provided earlier. Finally, the programme ended with a vote of thanks being delivered by Dr. Naresh Gupta, after which refreshment were served to all the participants.


The Hemophilia training and awareness programme conducted for the doctors on 16th July 2013 was a very one successful in educating and spreading awareness about haemophilia to the medical students. The invitees showed interest towards the programme as well as a good response. A positive response in the post-assessment test, which acclaims the goal of the programme. Also they expressed their interest and requested to organize such educational training programme to broaden the horizon of tomorrow’s clinical industry.

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